Newborn Photography in Midland TX

February 17, 2023

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Lifestyle newborn session in Midland TX

For this newborn photography session in Midland, TX I got to work with The Rathbones who just welcomed their latest addition to the family, the sweet Caroline.

mom and dad holding their newborn on the parental bed located in midland tx smiling

It was a very cold February morning and if you are from my neck of the woods you know that Midland, TX gets either really hot or really cold. Well, it was one of those icy, ugg boots and hot cocoa kind of days. They welcomed me with their sweet southern hospitality (they both are from Louisiana) and one of Caroline’s grandmas was there.
Turns out they knew I was born and raised French and they had told grandma too so by the time I took my shoes off to head to the nursery she made sure to let me know that her parents were French as well. She kept me company for the first part of this newborn session which focused on baby Caroline in her precious pink outfit and we talked A LOT!
Then, she told me all about her family’s heritage and how much she wants to learn french and of course I encouraged her to do it. She also made sure that I was speaking French to my own kiddo since she regretted her parents not doing it with her. I asked her if it was her first grand kid and to my astonishment it was her 20th!
We then moved to the family-all-together part of this newborn session and got to know mom and dad better and it was love at first sight. Such funny and kind people.
Catherine (Caroline’s mom) told me as I was leaving how relieved she was that it wasn’t stressful at all like she thought it would be and that she couldn’t wait for more memories together.


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