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September 7, 2023

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A Dallas Wedding Photographer’s Guide To Make Sure You Look Your Absolute Exquisite Best

As a Dallas wedding photographer, I always send my couples en engagement session prep email so that they look and feel their best during their session.
I decided to write this post to have an easy-to-share format engagement session style guide with visuals for my couples.
I want to start by saying that I definitely want you to feel like yourself and no matter what you wear, your love is going to be documented beautifully.
These are only my recommendation for what consistently photographs well and by no means the standard of engagement session fashion.

Dress For Comfort

I suggest you should wear something that will allow for movement. You don’t want to be restricted in a dress that is too tight and only allows for you to stand straight. As for shoes, I’m all about your favorite pair of Jimmy Choos but make sure to bring a pair of comfortable shoes to walk to different locations into as I usually will switch to 3/4 different spots during one session.

Coordinating Your Outfits + Colors

I always recommend that you and your fiancé coordinate rather than match. It adds more depth and soul to the photographs.
As for the colors, lighter tones and more muted shades (soft pink, blue, white, tan, peach or a navy blue) photograph beautifully and give a soft, romantic look. Though, if you are going for a more dramatic look, bright and bold colors (think cherry red or hot pink) might be a better choice.
Let’s talk patterns and prints: If your clothes are too busy, they tend to distract from what should be the center of attention: you! If you want to wear anything other than a solid color, pick a pattern or print in a softer more muted color so it is not both busy and vibrant. When wearing patterns, carefully coordinate with your partner ( I would suggest only one of you wearing a pattern and the other a solid color.)
Stripes don’t photograph very well, I suggest avoiding them.

Splurge On Hair And Makeup for your engagement session

If you feel like getting your hair and makeup done, go for it! Your engagement session is a good opportunity to do your makeup trial and see how it photographs.
Don’t forget to clean your ring as I will get some close-up shots.

Prefer Outfits That Flatter Your Features

I am only saying this to make sure you feel your best and that you will LOVE your gallery. A lot of us are self-conscious about at least one of our features. Therefore I want you to be mindful of what that could be for yourself and dress accordingly so that you will not worry about it during your session. I want you to have FUN.
For example, if you don’t like your arms, I would suggest you wear 3/4 sleeves or bring a jacket if the weather allows.
If you and your partner have a significant height difference you are self conscious about, maybe wear or don’t wear heels depending on who has great heights.
Make sure you empty your pockets gentleman, you will regret seing your phone, keys or wallet showing on your photographs.

For Women

Consider wearing something very flowy like a long skirt or dress, it really makes everthing look dreamy and helps to document motion.
Don’t hesitate to accessorize with hats, oppulent jewelry etc.

For Men

First, make sure you both dress with the same amount of formality as your fiancé for the sake of harmony. That being said, suit pants, dress pants, solid dark jeans with collared shirt and possibly a blazer or full suit will look the best. Pair it all with a brown belt and shoes and your favorite dress watch for an elegant and masculine look.

What To Bring List At Your Engagement Session

  1. A second outfit if you’d like to have 2 different looks (casual and formal is what I recommend)
  2. Water for the hot days
  3. Jackets for the cold days
  4. Comfortable walking shoes to put on during location changes
  5. Props such as a Champagne bottle and glasses
  6. Bring your furry friends along

Also, maybe go for a nice date after your session since you’re all dressed up and probably starving by then!

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