DFW Wedding Photographer

Composing Imagery That Is Entirely Yours

Stories of romance like yours deserve imagery
that is just as captivating as the first time you met.

DFW wedding photographer

Your Connection Is A True Work Of Art, A Masterpiece That Will Adorn The Halls Of Your Home One Day Soon.

To me, your story is as revered as the greatest masterpieces at the Louvre herself. Similar to the efforts of each artist behind the work found among those elegant halls, my work is framed by a poignant combination of artful composition and diligent guidance. To capture such immense emotion, I invest intentional planning and consideration into even the smallest of details.

All is designed for you to let the emotions flow freely (and to ensure that your moments will be showcased beautifully).


Every photo reflects


That feeling of home

My work is undeniably shaped by the family-style dinners, the fashion and the richness of culture found in my own home of France.


Gatherings of love

My fondest memories are a collage of family gatherings enhanced by the warmth that connection and togetherness bring. The best wedding photographs are the same way.


Unique Perspectives

My lens has been shaped by travel — by seeing the diversity of culture and absorbing countless perspectives.


European Architecture

Classical motifs of graceful columns and intricate details inspire the composition of my photography, incorporating balance and refinement.


Close Connections

Drawing from my own significant connections within this little family of mine — my husband, my daughter, and — yes my pets, too. I can’t wait to learn of, and capture your connections.


Faith and kindness

In everything I do, I strive to embody teachings of love and grace — from the photographs I capture to the relationships I build.

Salut! From your photographer in DFW

I’m Aurore

I’ve always been fond of creativity and culture. Whether this comes from my French upbringing or an innate love of timeless beauty, I couldn’t tell you — perhaps they work in harmony.

Early in my career, I sought this out in fashion. I was intrigued by the subtle art of classic silhouettes and color. Then, having received a bachelor’s degree in business and language, and a master’s in communication, I discovered that my natural admirations for fashion and travel could be combined with the art of photography.

Each photograph, timeline and recommendation is infused with this organizational expertise I learned from the studies of business and language. The result is a photographic experience that creates an exquisitely high-touch effect.

Savoring French pastries, bonding on the porch with my husband and daughter, cuddling with my dogs (and 1 cat), and finding more of those moments that inspire creativity.

Capturing Imagery That Feels Like...

Evenings in the summertime lit by the lingering golden rays of sun, sat at a table filled with French bread, indulgent cheeses and champagne — and surrounded by the souls who mean the most to you. 

In other words: I aspire to create photographs that make you feel like you’re right at home.

A final note from this DFW photographer

True Beauty Comes From Sincerity


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