How to Choose a Wedding Photographer

July 19, 2022

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You are engaged and now it is time for your engagement pictures and to book your wedding photographer. If you are not engaged but still are looking for a photographer for any other session type, keep on reading, this is for you too. Finding the perfect match when it comes to your wedding photographer is so important. Your pictures are the only thing you will have at the end of the day to remember and relive your wedding day. Here’s my take on how to choose a wedding photographer:

wedding photographer's photograph of a bride and groom


You are going to want to look for an editing style that makes you go WOW and make sure that their style is consistent throughout their portfolio or instagram feed. I personally am an elegant, true to life colors, light&airy photographer.
Once you found the style that you want your beautiful day to be captured with…


You need to find out more about them, who are they, do they seem like somebody you want by your side ALL DAY LONG during your big day. Get on their website and social media, read about them and also contact them. Most photographer will get on a phone call/zoom call with you and might even meet you for a coffee date.


It’s time to discuss prices and what is all included (second shooter, how many hours of coverage, album, engagement session, bridal session). Everybody’s budget is different and in photography, like everything else, you get what you pay for.


Here comes booking time if all the above boxes have been checked off. You want to make sure that a solid contract is going to be given you for review (please do read what the contract stipulates).
In the contract should be mentioned:
– both parties names
– date and location of the event
– payment
– artistic descretion (editing style)
– model release
– copyright
– social media policy
– image delivery and storage
– force majeure or grave illness
– event cancellation and contract termination policy
– postponement policy among others.


Make sure every proposal and payment request come from a secure, reliable client management website. I use .

That’s it on how to choose a wedding photographer. If you are pleased with all the above, I think it’s probably time to say YES to your new photographer. Head on to my “Contact” page if you want to book me for your big day.

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