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October 29, 2021

Hi, I'm Aurore
Hi there! Welcome to my blog, a journal about our lives, travels, weddings, engagements and inspiration. Stay a while and say hello!
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A little bit more about me, a wedding photographer in Dallas Fort Worth … I was born in Reims, France in 1993 It’s right in the middle of the champagne countryside. I grew up with 5 brothers (yeah no sisters ) and wouldn’t have it any other way! We lived on the mediterranean coast for a few years during my preteen years and went back to Reims after that until I came to live in the US. My maternal grandma, Josette, had a huge role in my upbringing and who I am today. I miss her dearly.

I got into nursing school right after I graduated high school and realized quickly it wasn’t for me. The next year I went on to go study languages and business in college at the University of Reims where I got my bachelor’s degree.

After my bachelor’s I went to grad school at the same university (in Reims) to study communication so that I could work for a champagne house since it’s kind of a big deal where I’m from. You know, we make THE Champagne for the whole world! No, seriously, we do (look at your big name champagne bottle, chances are it’s made in Reims !)

I met my husband through common friends I made while I was interning at Texas Tech in Lubbock in 2014. We actually met in the summer of 2016 in Austin, right before I started grad school. I went home to France after that 2 week summer trip to Texas. We stayed in contact through the fall and I came back to visit him Christmas 2016 at the end of my first semester. Fast forward 2 whole months and we got married on February 25, 2017. Yes you read that right we got married within 2 months of dating. It’s a pretty crazy story. It always get people’s attention haha. We welcomed Andréa Josette, our first baby in November of 2021 and man babies change your life so much, for the better. We just couldn’t imagine our life without her.

I really love to sew, cook/bake (Preston can’t complain,) play with my 4 fur babies (Lucie, Kate, Sigi, Biscuit.) I have a passion for home decor as well. I am a big TRAVELER … I’m European you couldn’t expect less out of me ! Also, I go back to France a couple times a year to see family and so Preston can explore my homeland. My passion for photography hasn’t always been there. I picked up a camera for the first time a few years back in college and as I learnt to master photography I became more and more passionate about it. And today, I am a full time wedding photographer in Dallas Fort Worth and I’m glad I found my calling in life, I am very blessed.

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welome to my blog

I'm Aurore and I'm so happy you're here. This blog a journal about our lives, travels, weddings, engagements and inspiration. Stay a while and say hello!

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